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Everything you can imagine is real. - P. Picasso

First Coast Coaching

Now Available for Online Coaching



Welcome to First Coast Coaching! I want to welcome you to this page. So you may be asking yourself, “Why do I need a coach?”


I believe that if you find yourself stuck with little clarity about where you are currently; then having a coach may be a way to move past the obstacles in your way. With me as your coach, we will work on developing clarity on what it is that you want, we will work to identify the obstacles in your way, and you will develop a roadmap to direct you to where you want your journey to go.

How I Can Help You

Initial Inquiry Session

Time: 15 minutes

Price: Free

In this time, you will learn about the benefits of coaching.

Coaching Session

Time: 1 Hour

Price: $125

Book your coaching session today.

Clergy Session

Time: 1 Hour

Price: $100

Coach led session to enhance your ministry leadership.

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